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Yoga @ Chiropractic Helps is open for anyone to enjoy, not just patients of the clinic. Anna's classes are suitable for students with previous yoga experience as well as those who are just starting out on the path of yoga. If you are concerned about an injury or condition you feel may affect you, please feel free to come in early for a chat. All classes are pre and post natal safe.  

Classes run for an hour, beginning with some gentle asana work to warm up the body before moving into classical Hatha yoga postures interspersed with ‘vinyasa’ style sequences and finally finishing with savasana and guided meditation. Mindful breath and movement are key focuses throughout every class.  

The Yoga semester runs for ten weeks at a cost of $200 per person for 10 classes.  Fees are payable at the beginning of the term.  If you are new to Yoga @ Chiropractic Helps then the first class can be tried for $20 which will then be deducted from the total term fees if you sign up for the ten weeks.  

Class begins promptly at 7:00pm so please arrive 10 minutes early to ensure you are ready to begin. Mats, blankets and water are provided. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended.  Bookings are essential as class sizes are limited to a maximum of nine people to ensure personalised attention to each participant.  

Yoga @ Chiropractic Helps with Anna Quest

Classes run Monday evenings at 7:00pm.  

Classes are conducted under the expert guidance of our yoga teacher, Anna Quest and run in 10-week terms.  

Cost is $200 / 10 classes.  

Our Classes:

Our yoga classes are based upon a melding of Vinyasa (flowing yoga) and Hatha (static poses) yoga systems and cater for all levels of experience and flexibility from beginners who can’t touch their toes to experienced Yoga devotees who can tie themselves in knots!

Vinyasa yoga is a style of yoga involving synchronizing the breath with a progressive flowing series of postures. Vinyasa translated simply means 'flow'.  Flowing through a series of postures synchronized with the breath. This process produces an internal heat that can detoxify muscles and organs and creates increased breath awareness. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body, and a calm mind.

The combination of the asanas with movement and breath make the blood circulate freely around all the joints, helping to relieve pain, stiffness and soreness. When there is a lack of circulation, pain can occur. As the blood that is heated from practice moves through all the internal organs it is thought to remove impurities and disease, which are brought out of the body by the sweat that occurs during practice.

Hatha yoga is a relaxed system of body movements practised with a free flowing breath and a quiet mind so that you may give it your full attention, with full awareness.  It includes gentle stretches to release tension, postures to align the body & enhance energy flow, breathing techniques to further promote the energy flow of the body and relaxation and meditation to settle the nervous system and calm the mind.

Our Teacher:

Anna Quest is a qualified Yoga teacher. Yoga  has been a part of Anna's life for more than 10 years and she has been teaching yoga for the past 5 years. She studied at the Australian College of Classical Yoga with Swami Shantanda, learning about traditional methods of Hatha Yoga as well as completing the three month Ashtanga Yoga course with Gary Cooper at the Ashtanga Centre in Fitzroy. She has also studied Acro-Yoga with Gywn Williams at Zenthai in Queensland.

Anna is currently studying Thai Yoga Massage with Kenjii from the International Thai Yoga Massage School that originated in Thailand and continues to attend workshops as she is always eager to expand and deepen her own personal practice and her teaching methods and skills.

Anna’s classes aim towards correcting and strengthening posture, working with body alignment, balance and breath work known as Pranayama. She also incorporates the practice of Pratyahara (Concentration) and Drishtis (Focal Points) to focus on in every Pose. This helps to not only gain physical strength and flexibility but also strengthen the mind’s awareness and focus and fine tuning into relaxation.