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These re-usable cold / hot packs are great to keep handy in the freezer in case of injuries such as sprains and strains, burns, insect bites etc or able to be heated in the microwave for the relief of muscular aches and tension.

Flex-Ice Hot/Cold Packs

Metagenics are the industry leader in the research and production of natural health products, remedies and supplements based on traditional and modern medicine. Natural products and supplements quite often work hand-in-hand with Chiropractic treatment to enhance your healing and well-being.  Metagenics are a practitioner-only range that provide products for the treatment of a huge range of disorders and general health. Being a practitioner-only range means you get stronger, more effective products without the fancy packaging. Metagenics also exceed the Australian Standards for purity in their products.

Metagenics Products


A range of contour pillows, cushions and supports available in varying heights, shapes and densities as well as various materials such as regular foam, memory foam and latex.


At Chiropractic Helps we only stock the highest quality products for your well-being.  

Our range includes:

- Chiropractic Association of Australia (CAA) approved Ice/Heat packs.

- CAA approved contour pillows, cushions and lumbar supports (if we don’t have the particular pillow or cushion you are after in stock we can order it in within 24 hours)

- Metagenics range of practitioner-only products including supplements and remedies for treating a huge range of problems.  Again if we do not have the particular product in stock that you are looking for we can have it within 48 hours

- We also have close ties with Sleepy’s Mattresses for expert advice and special deals for patients of the clinic. Ask us for more details.

Chiropractic Helps stock a range of products for your well-being

Lupin heat packs are superior to traditional wheatbags for providing heat treatment.  Lupin seeds don’t rub and split like wheat husks so they last longer, they hold heat better and longer and they are safe to use for people with wheat allergies. They come in regular and extra large size that can be completely draped over the shoulders and neck. They also make a great gift!

Lupin Heat Packs