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Our therapist Malvern is registered with Massage & Myotherapy Australia (previously AAMT) and HICAPS/Tyro claimable.  Mal is available for massage appointments Tuesday to Thursday.

Malvern is skilled in techniques including trigger point therapy, neuro-muscular technique, manual lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, sports and relaxation massage. Mal also has experience working with athletes and performers at high levels.

Massage therapy is also the perfect adjunct to Chiropractic care.  


Massage should play an important part everyone’s life regardless whether they are injured or not. Massage has many well documented benefits physically, physiologically and psychologically and ideally should be approached as preventative therapy rather than a curative one. It is important for the recipient of the massage to be aware of the expectations of the treatment and to communicate with the therapist.

The general benefits of massage include:


The basic objective of this modality is to:

Points of note:

Physical effects are:

Physiological effects are:

Psychological effects are:


MLD is an essential component to massage and the treatment of both chronic and acute conditions. It can be used for the relief of swelling (oedema), greater oxygenation of tissues and the removal of waste.

The lymphatic system is a secondary pathway back to the heart that runs parallel to the blood system. However, in contrast to blood circulation that has the heart at it's core, lymphatic circulation is a system with slow rhythm, low velocity and low pressure that relies to a great extent on movement and muscle condition.

Basically, the lymphatic system’s job is to pick up what the blood system leaves behind. In effect, acting as an overflow for water and excess substances at a cellular level.  It transports pathogenic substances (germs, toxins etc) and other components in it's pathway to lymphatic nodes which act as purification centres.  If the lymphatic system did not recover this protein-rich liquid the body would develop major systemic oedema and auto-intoxication.

MLD has a number of effects on the body - by activating lymph function and circulation as well as indirectly stimulating fluid circulation, lymphatic drainage reduces oedema.  The passage of lymph in the lymph nodes stimulates the immune system and the light rhythmic stimulation of the skin brings about muscle relaxant effects. In addition, modern lifestyles, elevated stress and bad diet are major culprits in a sluggish lymphatic system that MLD can assist in alleviating.

Some of the conditions that have been effectively treated by MLD include