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Our promise to you is to provide the very best care. We will do everything possible to help you achieve the results you desire and strive to make every interaction a positive one.

We welcome any questions or suggestions you may have to help improve your Chiropractic experience. We look forward to meeting each and every one of you.  

Yours in good health,

The Chiropractic Helps Team


Dr Mathew has been providing Chiropractic care to patients for almost twenty years since completing his five year, double degree in Chiropractic in addition to his Degree in Human Biology.  He is skilled in a range of manual and low force techniques with an particular interest in Applied Kinesiology.  Dr Mathew began his career in East Bentleigh as an associate for six years before starting his own clinic in Kew in 2008.

Dr Mathew is a keen motorcyclist and is a huge motorsport fan.  He is also an active member of several car clubs, participates in track days, has a history of racing go-karts, as well as building and modifying cars and bikes.  Together with Dr Luisa he has his hands full chasing their six year old twin boys, Oliver and Remy!  




Dr Luisa has been caring for patients for over almost twenty years since completing her five year double degree in Chiropractic and has worked in clinics from Leongatha to Bendigo!  She is skilled in many techniques from manual to low force so she can tailor your care to your specific needs.  Dr Luisa is a highly experienced Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) practitioner. She is also a qualified Level 1 and 2 Clinical Matwork and Reformer Pilates instructor and has completed ante/post natal pilates training.

Dr Luisa is also a keen motorcyclist having ridden pillion with Dr Mathew for some time before attaining her motorcycle licence.  She is a fitness enthusiast, having participated in several half marathons over the years, teaching aerobics, pilates and is a part of the furniture at the gym.  She also keeps fit chasing her six year old twin boys Oliver and Remy around!

BAppSc(ClinSc)/BChiroSc  CAA


Malvern has been with Chiropractic Helps since our beginnings in 2008 and is skilled in techniques including trigger point therapy, neuro-muscular technique, manual lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, sports and relaxation massage.  Malvern was previously an ultra-distance runner, some of his exploits include running 250km through the Sahara (an average of a marathon a day over a week!), 160km across the Rockies of Colorado, and several 100km OXFAM Trailwalkers - winning one of them and being pipped for second at a few.  While living in Hong Kong he was a member of a team of therapists at the International Soccer Sevens and was the principal massage therapist for "Cirque du Soleil" when they performed in Hong Kong.  Malvern has also travelled extensively, is an avid bird watcher and has stories from around globe!

Diploma of Remedial Massage  AAMT